Waste Management

Waste disposal is an essential attribute in an urban area. Waste generated in urban settlement needs an adequate system in disposing.

A system that is friendly and hazard free in providing this service in that which is required and that is what we in E-N GLOBAL SERVICES NIG. LTD. provides.

Our system in waste disposal management is second to none. Our expertise covers a vast range of waste disposal from waste management, waste disposal, consulting, waste recycling, training and rebranding of waste.

Our focus is partner with our clients and communities to manage and reduce waste from collection  to  disposal  while  recovering  valuable  resources  and  creating  clean, renewable energy.

Disposng of waste in an environmentally – friendly manner is crucial to every business and society. We provide these help. Our experts will assess the waste streams and develop the right recycling and disposal solution.


Waste management is a set of characteristic activities that include the following:

  1. a) Collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste
  2. b) Control, monitoring  and  regulation  of  the  production,  collection,  transport, treatment and disposal of waste; and
  3. c) Prevention of  waste  production  through  in-process  modification,  reuse  and recycling.

These terms relates to all kinds of waste i.e. extraction of raw materials, municipal (residential, institutional, commercial), agricultural, and special (health care, household hazardous wastes, sewage sludge). Waste management is intended to reduce the effect of waste on health, the environment and the society and this is what we in E-N GLOBAL provides.

We also provide solutions to issues relating to waste management which include: 

–     Generation of waste

–     Waste minimization

–     Waste removal

–     Waste transportation

–     Waste treatment

–     Cleaning Services

–    Recycling and reuse

–    Storage, collection, transport and transfer

–    Treatment

–    Landfill disposal

–    Environmental considerations

–    Financial and marketing aspects

–    Policy and regulation

–    Education and training

–    Planning and implementation

Waste management practices are not uniform among societies and we in E-N GLOBAL do understand this and so provides the best approach to every zone, society area we find our self.

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