Material Procurement & Haulage and Logistics Services

E-N  Global  Services  Nig.  Limited  capability  in  the  procurement  and  supply  of equipments  include  generators  of  different  capacities,  pumps,  valves,  line  pipes, subsea cables and associated materials, automatic tank gauging systems, gas metering systems, amongst others.

Our procurement organization encompasses a “one-stop shop” for global project procurement services under an umbrella that includes responsibilities for purchasing, expediting (in-house and field), transportation/logistics, materials management/inventory control and subcontracts.

Our procurement team works closely with the relevant client project execution teams and the vendor to ensure that all communication regarding the purchase and delivery of vendor documentation and equipment is done in a timely manner and in accordance with the project schedule. We believe in integrating the vendor and subcontractors into the project team and leveraging their assets to contribute to the success of                                               the project.  These  long  term  relationships  also  allow  us  knowledge  of  current  market pricing, upcoming / forecasted price increases, potential delivery increases, and labor force availability and restrictions.

The   relationship   with   our  vendors   and  subcontractors   extends   throughout  the procurement organization inclusive of expediting, transportation/logistics, materials management and subcontracting.

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